Answered By: Elaine Pocklington
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2019     Views: 350

To borrow books or dvds, you need you Anglia ID card (external users need their library card).

1. Take the books and/or DVDs to the self service machine and put them in the large opening. Choose "Borrow" on the screen.

2. Put you card in the smaller opening below the screen so the machine can read the chip to get your details.

3. It will then ask for your PIN (it will be the day and month of your birthday DDMM) so type this in on the screen.

4. It will then scan the books and/or DVDs and list whether it could lend them to you or not. Select finish when all items are listed.

5. It will ask you if you are finished whilst listing the number of items it has issued for you so you can check it found them all. Confirm yes to get to next screen.

6. Choose if you want to have a printed receipt as well as the automatic email receipt.

7. If you have a DVD or CD it will ask you to confirm you have read the reminder to unlock the case as you leave the library.

When you leave the library you will need to unlock the DVD case to able to access the discs. There are machines to do this at each site mounted on the wall near the library's exit after the security gates. Slide your DVD case through the machine until the little padlock on the case shows a green open padlock instead of a red closed padlock.