Answered By: Judith (Customer Services Manager)
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2020     Views: 396

We know that many students will be unable to return items at the moment. Please don’t worry about charges on your account; they will be removed when we can do this. We’re looking at temporary changes to our systems so that you’re not asked to return items and no charges appear on your account.

Comments (2)

  1. Hi, I would like to know if the international students borrowed the books but will leave Cambridge this summer after graduation, what should they do? Many thanks!
    by YL on Apr 06, 2020.
  2. If you are leaving the country, you can post the books back to us or if you are in halls of residence on site, there are book return bins near the libraries.
    by Judith (Customer Services Manager) on Apr 06, 2020.